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                  Label & Tape

                  Since 2002, we focus on the research and development of hot melt adhesives for label and tape. CO-MO tape and label adhesives meet the needs of even the most demanding and challenging applications. It has widely application, such as general purpose label, paper label, OPP/PET plastic label, removable tape, sealing tape, security tape, tape on courier bag and PE bag, tape, medical tape, double-sided tape, etc. CO-MO hot melt adhesive offer excellent machining and superior bonding to various types of materials, such as general paper material, kraft paper, PP synthetic paper, plastic film, PET, OPP, etc.

                  CO-MO label and tape adhesive can be custom formulated to meet specific application requirements for Color, Bond strength, Heat and Cold resistance and other performance standards.

                  • Label Adhesive
                  • Tape Adhesive
                  • Difficult-to-bond Materials Adhesive
                  • Low Temperature Resistant Label Adhesive

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