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                  Waterproofing industry

                  CO-MO HMPSA for Waterproofing Industry with 100% solid content, no solvent, friendly-environmental,non-toxic. Now we have rich variety of high quality products with the characteristic of outstanding adhesion that is suitable for waterproofing membranes, sealing tape and double-sided tape, etc.

                  CO-MO waterproofing adhesive has solved the problem of narrow temperature range of hot melt adhesive in traditional waterproof industry. It has excellent anti-high temperature performance and excellent adhesion performance under the condition of meeting low temperature requirement, and it can lower the coating temperature by 5~20 degrees.

                  • waterproofing membranes adhesive
                  • Sealing tape adhesive
                  • Double-sided adhesive
                  • High quality waterproofing adhesive

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