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                  CO-MO Innovation Center can conduct a full range of simulation and performance tracking test from sample produce to application research,so that provide better services and support to customers.

                  While satisfying existing customer technical support and service, we can improve the speed of product innovation, provide customized services for customers, and provide personalized bonding solutions for customers.

                  1. Central Experimental Area → It is divided into non-woven disposable hygiene adhesive area, packaging adhesive area, medical adhesive area, glue, label & tape adhesive area,special glue area, as well as other types of hot melt adhesive area.
                  2. Softening Point Test Area & Viscosity Test Area → Testing basic properties of samples.
                  3. Coating Simulation Laboratory → Simulating the coating effect of hot melt adhesive on the customer's production line, so that the test data is more accurate.
                  4. PUR Laboratory → Research and development of PUR hot melt adhesive.
                  5. Low Temperature Laboratory → The lowest temperature is -40℃.
                  6. CHT Laboratory → It can more accurately test the initial adhesion, peel strength, holding power and other performance of hot melt adhesive.
                  7. Aging Laboratory→ Samples can be simulated and tested at different temperature.


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