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                  CO-MO Innovation Centre is a R&D and multifunctional experiment center and covers an area of 480 square meters. As well as have all kinds of experimental instruments and equipment more than 40 sets, including CTH constant temperature and constant humidity laboratory, reactive hot melt adhesive lab., cryogenics lab., coating simulation laboratory, etc.

                  There are 8 technical engineers and 4 of them are senior engineers with more than ten years’ experience in hot melt adhesive research.

                  CO-MO Innovation Centre undertakes five categories of products: non-woven disposable hygiene, packaging, medical glue, label & tape, special glue, as well as other types of hot melt adhesive design, research and development, product performance testing, and provide customers with fast and professional technical services.

                  CO-MO Innovation Centre Technical Support Services:

                  1. Offer full range inspection of customer’s product performance; 
                  2. Test competing products’ Performance;
                  3. Lab simulation and optimization of customer’s application;
                  4. Environmental simulation weather resistance test;
                  5. Provide customers with value-added services such as basic research and technical training for hot melt adhesive.

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