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                  Honesty----We insist that honesty is the base, and being honest to people is what we are always doing.

                  Aggressiveness----We are exploring and making constant progress.

                  Innovation----We are working creatively to exceed customers’ needs & expectations.

                  Perfection----We are pursuing perfections in personality & corporate identity.

                  Based on the core principles of “Honesty, Aggressiveness,Innovation, Perfection” and tenet of “Think ahead of the customers, and cheer after the customers”, together with many years’ experience in nationwide technical service, CO-MO continues to “create more satisfied customers” and has gained trust & firm support from the industry and society, which does contribute to further development and prosperity.

                  Internally, we value and care for every our staff,assisting them in making the most of possible opportunities for self-enhancement & fulfillment.

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