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                  Founded in 2002,DONGGUAN CO-MO ADHESIVES CO., LTD.is a professional enterprise with integrity of R&D, manufacturing and sales on environmental-friendly adhesives. On the core principles of “Honesty, Aggressiveness, Innovation,Perfection”, along with the tenet of “Think ahead of the customers, and cheer after the customers”, CO-MO continues to “create more satisfied customers”.

                  CO-MO adhesives have been widely serving fields of packaging, non-woven disposable hygiene, label & tape, medical health care, waterproof industry,auto interiors, electronics, art &craft, toys, perfect binding, PET box, woodworking, footwear, etc.

                  CO-MO Science and Technology Park covers an area of 20000 square meters, with advantages of annual capacity more than 25,000 tons as well as CO-MO Innovation Center, China's first hot melt adhesive museum – CO-MO Hot Melt Adhesive Museum and CO-MO Training Center.

                  CO-MO focus on hot melt adhesive since 2002-

                  25000      tons of annual capacity

                  20000      square meters factory

                  150+         Employees

                  10              Sales networks 

                  1                 R&D center

                  1                Production center


                  Sustained and stable quality; Full range of products; Customized  services --

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