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                  CO-MO polyolefin hot melt adhesive

                  Polyolefin hot melt adhesive is a new-generation of Packaging hot melt designed for Case and Carton Sealing.  Polyolefin hot melt adhesives have clear color, offer high heat resistance and are not prone to charring or odor.

                  CO-MO Adhesives long-term focus on research and development of polyolefin hot melt adhesive since 2002. Now we have rich variety of high quality products with the characteristic of outstanding adhesion and thermal stability that is suitable for difficult-to-bond materials.

                  【Polyolefin Hot Melt Adhesive 】Major Applications :

                  ● Film-laminated carton closing, Straw attachment, End-of-line packaging.

                  ● Plastic, Rubber film, Foamed, All kinds of woven & cloth, Bookbinding.

                  ● Difficult-to-bond materials - glazing surface, ream wrapper, glass and ABS/PP for compact, air-strainers,etc.

                  ● Difficult to Bond-PET, PE, BOPP, UV.

                  Granule , Stick(11*300 mm、7*270 mm or according customer’s required, Block
                  Main Raw Material
                  polyolefin, tackifier resin, antioxygen
                  Water-white, transparent
                  Stick: 25kg / CTN; Granule: 25kg/ bag; Block: 20kg / CTN
                  Application methods
                  Glue gun; standard hot melt slot, nozzle, spiral spray applicators
                  Operation Temperature

                  140℃to 180℃, depending on machines, substrates, environment, etc.

                  Stored in dry and cool place with temperature below 40℃, and generally its shelf life is one year


                  • Do not mix with other adhesives.
                  • Keep containers and pre-melters covered to avoid contamination.
                  • As material is applied hot, appropriate clothing and eye protection should be used.
                  • Rotate stock -First in, first out.

                  While satisfying existing customer technical support and service, we can improve the speed of product innovation, provide customized services for customers, and provide personalized bonding solutions for customers. For information on the full line of products or requested MSDS/TDS, please Contact Us.

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