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                  CO-MO EVA Hot Melt Adhesive

                  EVA hot melt adhesive (Ethylene –Vinyl Acetate) is a thermoplastic polymer mixture, it is an economical bonding option for a variety of Packaging and Product Assembly applications. 100%solids content at normal temperature, which can be melted after heating, and then becomes solid after cooling, no solvent and no toxicity. EVA hot melt adhesive can be formulated to be very fast setting or made to have long open time.

                  CO-MO Adhesives long-term focus on research and development of EVA hot melt adhesive since 2002. Now we have rich variety of high quality products, CO-MO EVA Hot Melt Adhesive has the advantage of wide range of adhesion and fast curing.

                  【Glue Stick Series】Applications:

                  • All kinds of cases, Wrappers, Toys, Gifts, Handicraft, Handbag,Electronic products, Leather products.
                  • PC plate, PVC, ABS plastic, Ceramic, Metal, Other difficult-to-bond materials.
                  • EPE materials, Footwear, Furniture, Ream wrapper, Glass and ABS/PP for compact, etc.

                  【Granule Series】Applications:

                  • Packaging, All kinds of case & carton sealing, Tissue box, Electronic, Toys, Gifts, Handicrafts, Leather products.
                  • Straw, Cigarette filter, Paper bag, Furniture wrapper, Non-woven mattress, Filter, Composite/duplex material.
                  • PC plate, PVC, ABS plastic, Ceramic, Metal, Other difficult-to-bond materials, EPE-paperboard.
                  • Paper Converting, Book binding such as side gluing of coated books, magazines, directories, booklets.

                  Granule ,Stick(11*300 mm、7*270 mm or according customer’s required)
                  Main Raw Material
                  EVA, tackifier resin, antioxygen,
                  Water-white, transparent, yellow, etc.
                  Stick: 25kg / CTN; Granule: 25kg/ bag
                  Application methods
                  Glue gun; standard hot melt slot, nozzle, spiral spray applicators.
                  Operation Temperature

                  140℃to 180℃, depending on machines, substrates, environment, etc.

                  Stored in dry and cool place with temperature below 40℃, and generally its shelf life is one year.


                  • Do not mix with other adhesives.
                  • Keep containers and pre-melters covered to avoid contamination.
                  • As material is applied hot, appropriate clothing and eye protection should be used.
                  • Rotate stock -First in, first out.

                  While satisfying existing customer technical support and service, we can improve the speed of product innovation, provide customized services for customers, and provide personalized bonding solutions for customers. For information on the full line of products or requested MSDS/TDS, please Contact us.

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