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                  The museum is divided into eleven parts according to the display content:

                  1. Introduction

                  2. Brief developing history of hot melt adhesive

                  3. Applications of hot melt adhesive

                  4. The tools and sizing equipment of hot melt adhesive

                  5. Raw materials of hot melt adhesive

                  6. The production of hot melt adhesive

                  7. Quality inspection of hot melt adhesive

                  8. Hot melt adhesive

                  9. Theory literature of hot melt adhesive

                  10. DIY area

                  11. Conclusion


                  Exhibition hall is now collected over 350 exhibits, including more than 10 pieces of the history book of hot melt adhesive, more than 30 models of hot melt adhesive, more than 30 pieces of hot melt materials, and 20 pieces of coating equipment, etc.

                  The exhibits we collect are very limited, and more collections will be collected to improve the museum

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