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                  Dongguan CO-MO Hot Melt Adhesive Museum is China's First Hot Melt Adhesive Museum

                  Opened to the public on August 1, 2015, Dongguan CO-MO Hot Melt Adhesive Museum is China's first hot melt adhesive museum, located in CO-MO Science and Technology Park,covers an area of 480 square meters. It is a public project, invested by DONGGUAN CO-MO ADHESIVES CO., LTD. as well as a non-enterprise social organization registered in Dongguan Social Organization and Administration.

                  The purpose of building up this museum is to record the developing history of China hot melt adhesive, summarize current developing situation of China hot melt adhesive industry and exhibit hot melt adhesive products, raw materials, production process, tools and sizing equipment,inspection, application field, literature theory. It also popularizes the knowledge of hot melt adhesive. Providing a platform which can completely understanding China hot melt adhesive industry for hot melt adhesive industry,relevant personage which is engaged in the management of hot melt adhesive, the researchers of hot melt adhesive and the teachers and students of the chemical industry institute.

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